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About Mellow Acoustics

Picture of Tim Mellow

Our philosophy is that good audio should be like good food, using the only finest quality ingredients in simple recipes with no artificial additives. Also, hi-fi should complement a stylish interior rather than invade it. Mellow Acoustics was founded in 2011 by Tim Mellow who felt that audio design had become too complicated and focused on specification chasing while losing sight of what really mattered – the integrity of the sound. Having always admired the clear and detailed sound of electrostatic loudspeakers, due to their gossamer-thin diaphragms, he set out to create a new design that was more compact and attractive in the home than anything previously available. After 12 years of working for Nokia, the Finnish culture of miniaturization and style had obviously entered the Mellow DNA. Indeed, the elegant industrial design of the FrontRow by Josh Ford echoes the curved wood form of the Finnish Paimio chair by Alvar Aalto.

About Tim Mellow

Tim Mellow an electronics and acoustics engineer with 30 years of experience working at several companies including 12 years at Nokia. Tim believes that audio signal paths have become too complicated. Many audio chips contain unnecessarily complex internal circuits with huge amounts of feedback. In other words, the fewer links in the chain between the performer and listener the better. We just need better quality links. For example, tubes are still the most linear amplifying devices on the planet – there are no solid-state equivalents. Tim enjoys listening to early stereo vinyl LPs through tube amplifiers and his OTL design published in the Feb 2010 issue of AudioXpress has proved a popular DIY project. Tim is also the co-author of an updated version of Leo Beranek’s classic 1954 book 'Acoustics' and has published 11 papers in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

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