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22nd September 2018: First public demonstration of the FrontRo

The demonstration of FrontRo loudspeaker at The Audio Show in Leamington Spa on 22nd/23rd September attracted more visitors to the room than we could have dreamed of. It was a pleasure meet everyone. Playing vinyl not only showed off the detailed and natural sound of the FrontRo but changing records also gave an opportunity to talk and answer questions. There were almost as many questions about the turntable setup as there were about the speakers! From left to right: Chris Hook (PR) and Tim Mellow (Acoustic design).
Image of the FrontRo loudspeaker at The Audio Show

23rd May 2018: The new thinking behind the FrontRo is unveiled

Tim explains the theory behind the FrontRo loudspeaker at The Audio Engineering Society Convention in Milan on 23rd to 26th May 2018

26th July 2017: FrontRo design registered

We are delighted to announce that Josh Ford's elegant industrial design for the FrontRow loudspeaker has now been registered as Design No. 6016030 at the Intellectual Property Office.
Image of Certificate of Registration Image of front of speaker Image of side of speaker
It is interesting at this stage to take a look back at some of Josh's initial concepts from four years ago.
Image of early concept 1 Image of early concept 2
One can see elements of the current design in them and how the concept evolved.